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We have concrete results in improving personal outcomes.

Based on a small sampling of over 215 program evaluations:

97% experienced growth in developing authentic leadership capacities

92% experienced growth in distinguishing between effective and ineffective leadership styles and strategies

85% experienced growth in their ability to build and maintain relationships

94% experienced growth in identifying personal leadership strengths and weaknesses

Sharp, perceptive, and creative, Judy has an uncanny knack for not only spotting the strengths in others, but going a step further by providing actionable coaching to unlock their potential.

- Veronica S., Business Analyst, Deloitte Consulting

She is not only a mentor but a facilitator who understands how to transcend the empty platitudes so often associated with 'leadership' and 'networking' and turn them into actionable lessons. Things that Judy taught me have a timeless relevance, and I hope she keeps sharing her expertise!

- Graham W., Communications Associate, Truman National Security Project 

I have had the good fortune to have been coached by Judy and can attest to Judy’s deep expertise in the realm of leadership development. In addition to a wealth of knowledge on leadership, Judy has an incredible gift for connecting with others on a personal level. This combination makes her a phenomenal coach who has an aptitude for conveying her ideas with clarity, insight, and humor. Over the years that I have known her, she has imparted many lessons that I consider to be transformative in regard to the trajectory of my professional life.
— Elias H., Consultant, Accenture Consulting

Judy has a gift for working with people. She is one of life's skilled mediators and her capacity to facilitate meaningful conversations about leadership, impact, humility and failure continue to shape my own decisions about my own professional and personal life. Judy's warm and humorous demeanor while maintaining a strong sense of grace, professionalism and duty has served as a clear example of the ideal balance that I would like to strike in order to galvanize others to work passionately and joyfully towards common goals. 

- Albert W., Fulbright Recipient

"Judy is incredibly talented at developing others' leadership potential. She is genuine and honest, with a deep ability to build relationships and encourage through mutual trust. Additionally, Judy is unafraid to ask the big questions; through her sharp perception and willingness to go beyond what is most readily visible, Judy has pushed me to think more deeply about my career and myself. She is an amazing developer of people. I constantly think of advice Judy has given me. I truly consider it among the best advice I have ever received."

- Adara R., Teacher, YESPrep

“Central to Judy’s coaching style are her honesty, her high expectations, and her ability to guide others to understand their strengths, weaknesses, and motivations. Judy has guided me through difficult decisions by encouraging me to understand why I do what I do. She does everything she does, because she cares, and she loves helping others figure out what they care about and how they can leverage that care professionally. She is an inspiration and a joy to work with.”

— Kathleen A., Associate Engineer, Genetech

“My experience with TakeRoot in the Emergent Leadership Summit was one of the best professional investments I have made. Take Root did a fantastic job at breaking down our individual personalities and taught us how to take our natural attributes and apply them to leadership. This has been extremely beneficial in a corporate environment and I would recommend TakeRoot to anyone that is trying to grow as a professional. The skills and techniques you learn from this workshop are applicable at work and many life situations. Not only did I walk away a better leader, I left the class understanding who I am and what leadership qualities I can use while remaining true to myself.”
— Hank, AT&T

“It has been such a long time since I have engaged in a professional development workshop that resonated with me...Judy continues to learn along with participants thus allowing her to always be in tune with all who are involved.”

— Sara, Non-Profit Program Manager

Perhaps most importantly, Judy's character is unmatched. She epitomizes the old adage "lead by example." Her dignity and positive energy are apparent to anyone who has the opportunity to hear her speak, from captive audiences in lecture halls to chance encounters while walking across campus. 

- Colleen O., MBA Candidate, Darden School of Business

“This year I set out to transform the direction and impact of a program training that I normally facilitate alone by identifying an expert in leadership development to help develop, facilitate, and present at my next program training session. Enlisting Judy Le for this opportunity as a facilitator and presenter for Rice University’s Jones School MBA Mentor Training was the absolute best decision. The feedback from our students was overwhelmingly positive and I attribute this to Judy Le’s expertise and her thoughtful and dynamic presentation style as a facilitator and her planning that went into the program beforehand. I couldn’t be more satisfied and would highly recommend enlisting Judy for any of programming or coaching needs- she delivered above and beyond my expectations!”
— Michelle, Associate Director, Jones Graduate School of Business

“I believe Judy’s sessions were exceptional. Over two days my team and I became aware of our individual needs and discussed deep, troubling aspects of the organization. With Judy’s facilitation skills and engaging narrative, we were able to delve into our areas of growth. A week after our workshops, Judy’s insights have made a dramatic impact on our ability to communicate as a team. ”

- Project Manager, EMERGE

“Judy had us talking about change and how we adapt to change. This was a very relevant session for me. Judy talked us through how we need to take time and recognize loss before moving forward, things clicked for me! I was able to move forward and put my best self forward. Judy’s professional development sessions with us really improved our team dynamics in such a short amount of time. Thank you Judy! Every company should take advantage of Judy’s invaluable insight.”

- Non-Profit Program Manager

“Judy is a thorough, engaging speaker who presented her material in an interactive format that kept the attention of the audience for the duration of the workshop. The self-evaluation aspect of the workshop was really valuable in making the workshop personally meaningful, and the group exercises helped to put that self-evaluation in a broader context. Because I was able work with Judy before the workshop, I knew that she put a considerable amount of effort into tailoring the presentation to the issues and scenarios that would be relevant to her audience of graduate students. I left the workshop with self-knowledge about my communication style and an understanding of how to communicate more effectively with people having different communication styles. Judy also helped us develop the invaluable ability to quickly and clearly communicate our work to the general public. The workshop was enjoyable and informative, and Judy was clearly invested in making the workshop as rewarding an experience as possible for the attendees.”

— Megan, Duke University, PhD Engineering Program 

“Working with Take Root was extremely valuable as a business professional and leader. The knowledge and insight provided brought many new insights to me that I can now build around to become a much better communicator, leader and role model for other aspiring professionals. I feel this has helped me groom for the next big step in my career. The best part is that the awareness I gained can be leveraged for a lifetime of personal and professional growth.”
— Brad, AT&T
Judy’s expertise in thought leadership was sincerely impactful for my team. The session was interactive and the day just flew by because of the high nature of interconnectivity. Everyone from my hourly staff to managers raved about the session and begged that I bring Judy back to do more in the future. As an organization we look forward to working with Judy more in the future to help reinforce the foundation of our culture.
— Nicole Lander, Director, Houston Food Bank