We believe leadership is not a position but an activity. We believe that leadership development should begin well before a person earns a leadership title. The abilities to create positive change, contribute to organizations beyond job responsibilities, and identify opportunities to add value are critical to becoming a confident and prepared leader. 

We also believe that the act of leadership requires an individual to care about something bigger than oneself. With this in mind, our approach enables clients to identify their values and strengths to increase motivation to lead in organizations and communities.

We want to help individuals, teams, and organizations:


  • Increase self-awareness and identify core values that drive goal-setting
  • Exhibit professionalism as a norm
  • Create “next level” leadership in young people
  • Improve communication and authentic relationship building
  • Activate latent potential
  • Feel empowered to take risks and overcome failure
  • Identify methods for adding value and exceeding expectations
  • Discover a sense of purpose through career


We work with organizations to identify the challenges and opportunities in developing their professionals into leaders. We provide proven workshops or custom programs for leadership and professional development. Workshops and programs aim toward higher retention rates, increased motivation, and creating a culture of empowered leaderhship.


We work with teams to increase productivity and positivity. We provide Team Diagnostic™ assessments to teams, then work with them (utilizing a team coaching approach) over time to build teams that are creative, resilient, and adaptive. With the coaching approach, we see sustainable changes, with an average of a 20% increase in performance. 


We work with graduate schools, universities, and high schools to deliver dynamic workshops and speaking engagements to help students discover their leadership potential. We also do consulting work to collaborate with administrators on developing experiential leadership programs. We are experienced one-on-one coaches that help students prepare for major life decisions, college/graduate school applications, and job interviews.


We provide one-on-one coaching for individuals who are committed to advancing their careers, overcoming professional challenges, or realizing their full potential. Our approach helps individuals discover what makes them distinctive, empowers them to make decisions based on core values, and creates tangible and practical action steps to accomplish their goals. 



  • Purpose to Impact
  • DiSC personal style assessment: how to work with others
  • StrengthFinders assessment: leverage your talents
  • Risk-taking: Stepping outside your comfort zone & overcoming failure
  • Creativity and Leadership
  • Networking: authentic relationship building
  • Authentic Leadership: values-driven approach
  • Change Leadership: overcoming challenges
  • Effective communication and team building
  • Building a Mentoring Culture: best practices for mentors and mentees
  • Leading Without Authority: Influencing beyond your job title
  • Best practices for job interviews
  • Best practices for resume and cover letter writing
  • Professional Etiquette
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Leading and Managing Up


Coaching is synonymous to change. The coaching process is a partnership that challenges clients to uncover potential, values, and talents to achieve goals and overcome barriers. Coaches are future-focused with clients who have a strong desire for growth. Coaching is a highly effective process to develop tools and skills for boosting performance or gaining clarity around career fulfillment. 


Individuals seek coaching from us for a variety of reasons. We've worked with emerging professionals who are eager to increase their leadership capacities to excel in their jobs and influence without authority.  We've worked with managers who want to increase their abilities to lead their teams and shape their organization. Some senior managers ask us to work with young talent to build their skills. We've helped millennials overcome phases in their lives when they felt stuck or unsure, looking for ways they can find passion and purpose. We've also helped individuals write resumes and cover letters, and prepare for interviews so they can set themselves apart from the rest. 

Our team of professional coaches has a wealth of leadership experiences ranging from professional sports, non-profit, entrepreneurship, higher education, and business and finance. We excel at bridging the gap between the classroom and the real world, and developing transition management plans for those who have started new phases in their lives, and those who are aiming to accelerate their career progression through fulfilling work. 

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