Banner Headers

Method 1: Page Editor (recommended)

Go to the Page Settings, either in the side menu or the page editor.
Click on the pictures to make them bigger!

Go to Page Content > Settings

Do NOT go to Index > Settings

Method 2: From the Side Menu

Make sure you are editing a PAGE. Highlighted in the left is what you want. 

Note: Don't edit link settings
Highlighted in the left menu is a LINK. You don't want this!
Scroll down until you find the corresponding PAGE.

What you don't want!
Notice the LINK picture to the left of 'Our Approach'

What you DO want!
Notice the PAGE picture to the left of 'Our Approach'


Changing the Banner Text

Go down to 'Page Description'.

Type in the title you want. In the image below, it is highlighted in below. Make the the text bold.

Changing the Image

Go down to 'Thumbnail Image'
Remove the current image.
Press the 'Add Image' button. That's it!